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Hummingbirds’ Delight

The 2nd of 3 hummingbird paintings is in progress.  14" x 20" watercolor.  The wings appear to have taken flight without the body.......obviously, to be continued. The Artisan's Invitational Art Fair will have the original piece, completed (I hope). Artisan's Invitational: 4th Street in … [Read More...]

Hummingbird Silk Scarf

Spring expectations for 2016 are illustrated with hummingbirds on this silk satin scarf (70" x 20") originating as a watercolor which was introduced in February as 25 archival prints entitled "Flying Jewels".  This scarf is posted on my web site: www.lisaholley.com Click here to buy … [Read More...]

Hummingbirds-“Flying Jewels”

Hummingbirds, "Flying Jewels" has been completed and the archival prints (29"h  x 19"w) have been returned, signed and ready to go!  This is now posted on my web site:  www.lisaholley.com The floral identification "key" is almost completed and I'll post it this week. Click here to buy … [Read More...]

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