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“Filly & Mare” – Progressive image photo #1

Happy New Year! At the requests of several clients and many young teens who have seen my work, I have embarked on the challenge of horses.  I've asked many horse people, "When the filly is not beside the mare is she in front or behind?"  No one seemed to know.  So, I decided she'd want to keep … [Read More...]

“Hummingbird’s Delight”

"Hummingbird's Delight" has arrived from the printer.  10 archival prints are ready for their debut! Watercolor, 15" x 20",  10 Archival Prints, 100% cotton rag paper. The prints can be further explored on my web site - www.lisaholley.com I just returned from the east coast where I have … [Read More...]

Hummingbirds’ Delight [In Progress]

The 2nd of 3 hummingbird paintings is in progress.  14" x 20" watercolor.  The wings appear to have taken flight without the body.......obviously, to be continued. The Artisan's Invitational Art Fair will have the original piece, completed (I hope). Artisan's Invitational: 4th Street in … [Read More...]

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